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If you are a PhoneMagic customer and you are using one of the following devices (on any carrier), you should upgrade to iQcontacts Version 2.00.


Tungsten E2

Palm TX

Treo 755p

Tungsten E

Palm Z22

Treo 700p

Tungsten T3

Zire 31

Treo 680

Tungsten T5

Zire 72

Treo 650



This version of iQcontacts takes advantage of features available only on these devices, and will work more reliably and efficiently, than the previous version.

• The upgrade price of $11.95 is for existing PhoneMagic customers
• SALE PRICE: upgrade for only $9.95
• If you purchased PhoneMagic after July 1 2007, you are entitled to a free upgrade

• New customers need to click the BUY NOW button.


1.  LOGIN: The upgrade process is done via the Penticon eCommerce web site
which requires you to enter your original e-mail address and password.

If you forgot your Login e-mail address:
send an e-mail to: with your full name, and any e-mail address you might have used in the past.

If you forgot your password:
go to the Login screen.
Enter your e-mail address, and click the “Remind password” button.

If you changed your e-mail address, but you know your original login e-mail address and your login password:
Login with your original e-mail address and password.
Click “Personal Info”, and change your E-mail address,
scroll down and click the “Update Details” button.

2.  VERIFY USER NAME: Make sure the User Name on your Palm matches this screen. Pay attention to upper or lower case letters. If your User Name is different:
- click the Contact Us link on the top of the page
- send us your new information
- do not proceed, until you get an e-mail back from us.

3.  UPGRADE: Based on your purchase date you will see the upgrade listed as:

    • iQcontacts 2.00    $9.95   BUY
    • or

    • iQcontacts 2.00    FREE   GET

In order to proceed with the upgrade, click the BUY or GET button.

Once your upgrade has been processed, you will see the new registration key displayed on the computer screen. You will also receive an e-mail with your new registration key.


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